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I blog daily about life, work, and the future

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So what to expect here?

I post daily about my musings, learning, and experiences, mostly about life, work, and the future.

And yes, I am a Christian so you will often read about how Jesus has made my life worth living and how He can do that to you too.

Right now, these are the things you’ll find here (feel free to click the yellow link you’d like to explore):

  1. Blog (collection of stories and daily musings)
  2. Book Notes (highlights from the recent books I’ve read)
  3. Dear reader from the future (Yes, I am writing for someone in the future because, why not?)
  4. Life After School podcast (all posts related to the Life After School podcast)
  5. The future of _______ (all the ways about how the future can and will be different)

Want to have a peek at what they look like?

Check these out:

latest from dear reader from the future

life after school podcast by Jessa

latest from life after school podcast

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