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The wartime grid

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“Given the fuel shortage, the hydro plants of Caliraya and Botocan had to become the heart of the wartime grid.”

Meralco: a century of service 1903-2003 by Raul Rodrigo

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without electricity for more than a few days. My only closest experience was spending some nights in an off-grid area, but we had solar-powered lights to light up the evening. If that became my every day, my life would undergo a radical shift I can’t still imagine today.

And what if I never had cash on hand just because I was so reliant with digital money? Yep, same dilemma every scenario, ha!

And with wars on the north and rumors of war on the east, a radical change in lifestyle from someone living in the Philippines seems distant at the moment (except for increasing commodity prices because of our reliance on imported fossil fuels to power our economy).

Can you imagine a day without electricity?

But for our fellowmen living in war-torn places, it becomes a haunting reality for them.

Take for example the Russia-Ukraine war.

Residents warned they must prepare for having no electricity, water or heating as temperatures drop below freezing.

It makes me think what could be their alternative energy resource while the war is raging on. Like how two hydropower plants in the Philippines became the heart of the wartime grid during the Japanese colonization.

And if World War III indeed happens, what would our life look like?