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(Almost) a day without the internet — real story

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The moment I arrived at the office, it felt like déjà vu.

Because unlike this imagined scenario which happened on a Monday, I experienced a localized internet blackout on a Friday.

And instead of receiving a public announcement, I got a headstart about what was about to greet me at the office, thanks to our project administrative staff.

The whole building lost the internet. We hope to have it fixed by the day.

But when exactly, we didn’t know.

So an hour before going to the office, I was able to prepare this way (while still in my place with the internet):

  • Bring the book I hoped contains the information I need for the day’s report (because wow, I’ve depended so much on the internet for every piece of information I need)
  • Secure a flash drive to transfer files quickly (the cloud is having a break today)
  • Download the report presentation to make it accessible for later (in case the internet won’t be fixed within the day)

The moment of truth hit me the moment I arrived at the office.

Inhale, exhale.

Alright, so how to do work without the internet, again?

Everyone seemed confused about how to deliver their work now that we’re offline. Because all of our work heavily depended on the cloud.

And not working can’t be an excuse that day because we don’t have the internet.

It felt like COVID-19 government-imposed lockdowns all over again. We can’t say we can’t work anymore just because we can’t go to the office.

In the same way, when we don’t have the internet, we are forced to work around it and not just stare blankly at the empty screen.

And yes, the funny thing about this reality was that I had the same dilemma with my imagined future self in 2032: I needed cash.

Fortunately, the internet blackout was localized, so ATMs around the campus were working as usual. Phew.

P.S.: We had the internet back when we were almost done with the work day. That was quite a day, indeed!

Are you ready when the internet disappears?