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Letter no. 26

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Dear reader from the future,

Have you heard of the Alpha-Gal Syndrome (AGS)?

As I was at the grocery store, the thought of the AGS becoming a crisis played in my mind, and perhaps, should it spread like wildfire (or Covid-19), at least I won’t be taken by surprise by all the changes I have to make. And that includes the food that I eat every day.

You barely see (yet) in stores meat derived from plants and created to mimic real meat in terms of smell, taste, and texture.

I wrote a blog post about how I tried my first-ever off-the-shelf plant-based meat and what the experience was like. Two months after, I came across a new local brand, unmeat, which I can say, tasted better. At least the sausage I tried tasted better. I’m still on my way to trying the other products they offer. And I am looking forward to seeing more local brands emerge in the local market.

Who knows? AGS will become a thing ten years from now, and if we get the AGS, we will be forced to shift to eating plant-based meat. Might as well practice today to help us overcome having a lifetime of separation anxiety from the meaty goodness we have built our lives around.

Your letter writer from the past,

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