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man inside a train wearing face mask and face shield during Covid-19

COVID-19 has a face

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And you see its face from someone interviewed on TV, who is afraid of contracting the virus.

You see it in the faces of those who have been feeling unwell for the past few days, only to find out that they got it.

You see it in the hungry fathers, mothers, and children’s faces for skipping meals because of loss of resources.

You see it in the face of someone who just recovered from it, and worried about the stigma that comes along with it.

You see it in the broken and fragile systems (healthcare, the government, supply chains), the looming economic crisis, and the drastic changes that many people are suffering from.

But most of all, as it gets closer and closer to your circle, you begin to see its face clearly. And you may have found it in the people you know who got it, died from it, or suffered because of it.

Only until you see it face to face will you realize that it’s never just a virus people from faraway talk about. It’s here, and it’s real.

An unwelcome visitor who has visited us for far too long (more than a year now) and doesn’t have any plans of leaving just yet.

It’s not just the virus that’s killing us — it’s our social, economic, and political systems.

Marina Gorbis
Executive Director, Institute for the Future