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The launch

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In bringing out an idea to the world, you might think it’s like launching a space shuttle where crowds gather around you to celebrate your beginning of a journey.

If that’s how you launch things, it’s either you are famous, rich, or already established.

But for most of us who simply have an idea we’re eager to share with other people, we do not need a grand opening. All we need is to take that brave step of starting something even if we are not sure whether it works out or not. And we’ll never know if we don’t try.

It’s never been this easy to increase followers and buy ads to boost your online presence, too. It might be tempting to spam people advertisements with hopes that you will get noticed. But if you keep on chasing the idea that you need to please everybody, you’ll end up doing mediocre work.

So do not expect a crowd or a following at the beginning because they usually happen after you do all the hard work.

What should you do then?

Delight a specific small number of people. Show up every day and keep producing good work. Because you don’t have to make the noise yourself. Let your work do it for you. Let it be the kind of work that people would be willing to share with others for free.

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