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Doing extra

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If you treat your work with disinterest and lack of dedication, it becomes difficult for you to empathize with people, especially when you do work that requires you to interact with the people you seek to serve. Because doing extra, like working with empathy, is something that the job usually doesn’t really pay for. So why bother, right? As long as you give the bare minimum, the kind of work that is equivalent to the pay you get, then you’re doing good.

But is it, really?

While engaging with various people who offer services that require human interaction, I was able to categorize them into three:

  • People who do the bare minimum. They often appear to be disinterested and disgruntled with your concerns that they treat you like something they want to quickly get over with. For them, you are just another job.
  • People who run in a script. They mean well, but they are too bounded to what their job only calls them to do, like a computer program doing only what it’s told. For them, you are just another box to be checked.
  • People who truly care. They want to ensure you receive the best of your interest, treating you like they would like themselves treated. They don’t put on a show or follow a script. They see you as a human being, not a faceless warm body.

When we were out to buy a coat barong, we met a business owner who treated every interested customer with sincere care. And you know what happens every time she talks to people checking her store? She makes them a believer and loyal customers just because she cares first.