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A constant state of wanting

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Paychecks come and go. Or are they supposed to just come and go?

Invest, well-meaning people say.

But for the gullible, every ad brings a promise of happiness. Buy thisbuy that, and your life will never be short of happiness.

Look at this fancy bagYou need this.

Turn your eyes to this famous pair of shoesYou need it.

Seems like you have an excess tooIt’s time to enjoy this restaurant your friends have been telling you about!

What does it mean to pause and be content with what is right in front of you and spend less for a change?

What does it mean to go out of this endless state of constant wanting?

Will you miss out on a lot of things? Or have you found another way to enjoy life: to look outside yourself rather than chase pleasures that only enrich your own?

Isn’t it that there’s more joy in giving than receiving (Acts 20:35), and when you refresh others, you will also be refreshed (Proverbs 11: 25II Corinthians 9:6-10)?

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