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Dear Jessa,

You are fortunate to take part in a social simulation on zerophoria ten years ago, so you already have an idea of what it feels like to live in a zero-waste city. Just as you imagined how it would be adopted differently based on what country, city, and family income, you are fortunate to live in a first-world country now with an advanced level of a zero-waste management system. You’re happy living with your husband and two children now, embracing a conscious-consumption lifestyle. Would you ever believe your family only throws 3 lbs of garbage annually? The good thing is that there are systems in place, making it easy for you to adapt the refuse/reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot way of living.

You must have been yearning to know what happened to the Philippines in 2033. Waste dumping in developing countries used to be a silent buzzing noise ten years ago. But now, it has become the issue of the generation, becoming a pressing issue as it goes against the Basel convention, igniting local and national protests from activists and movements. In addition, black markets in shipping waste overseas are becoming prevalent; you’d be surprised how humanity always twists what was designed for good.

Indeed, change will soon come in waves, and the Philippines will catch up eventually.

Your family in the Philippines is also doing well, and they’re grateful for what you’ve become.

See you in the future.

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