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I am spending 10 days in the future, and this is what my daily life like in the year 2033, where zero-waste laws are strictly enforced, and no one comes to pick up the trash anymore.

You can read more about this imagined future scenario here.

Traveling in 2033, you’d usually see road signs as you enter a new city, signifying that they are strictly implementing zero-waste laws in their jurisdiction. And if you are coming from a town or an area that opted out of this legislation ten years ago, you must be keen about dealing with your trash when visiting zero-waste cities to avoid paying unreasonably high fines.

"You are now entering a ZERO-WASTE city" road sign from the future; a zero-waste future 2023; zerophoria
I made this road sign using an online sign maker made by Brendon Strowe; forked and modified by Maplou/dki-os. (https://dki-os.github.io/SignMaker/)