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I am spending 10 days in the future, and this is what my daily life like in the year 2033, where zero-waste laws are strictly enforced, and no one comes to pick up the trash anymore.

You can read more about this imagined future scenario here.

It’s incredible how I have been able to continue blogging daily since 2020 about life, work, and the future. I can remember how I participated in the social simulations of the Urgent Optimists about a post-trash society, and now, ten years after, we have finally arrived in the future. With “zerophoria” being the central theme of the generation, it’s easier for me to write about how we can do more by living on less.

So in this future, I see myself still blogging daily about life, work, and the future. In addition, I can serve the new post-trash society by curating online content and resources that could help my smallest viable audience navigate this new way of life.

I generated this photo using BlueWillow, an AI image generating tool.
The text prompt used to generate this image is “blog post about zero waste.”