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Step by step, rung by rung

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If you’ve broken your task piece by piece, into parts that’s perfectly doable for the day, you’ll be surprised how consistency gets you to where you’re supposed to be going.

But the key is to know how to break down a big task into small and doable parts. Then build a routine around it, like a checklist you have to do day by day.

Once you get through that initial stage of sorting the small pieces of task, then everyday attend to them, piece by piece. Because a big task is overwhelming. But smaller tasks are manageable, keeping you from burning out.

Done for today; I”ll get back to the next tomorrow.

And it would be just like taking things at a regular pace, step by step, run by rung.

Eventually, you will wake up to the last box waiting to be ticked.

Then you’re finally done.

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