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The cosmos of Genesis 1

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Recently I’ve been consuming content about how today’s science view the cosmos, which makes me think about the cosmos of Genesis 1 (from the Hebrew Bible) and how they follow a similar pattern of how everything started from wild and waste.

Then there was order and life.

From Genesis 1, here’s how life on earth began:

DAY 1God orders the heavens.
Light — divine glory
Dark — disorder and chaos
DAY 2God commands the chaos waters to be split.
God separates the waters above and the waters below.
DAY 3God orders the land.
Land — refuge from God
Waters — disorder and chaos
DAY 4God delegates heavenly rulers as symbols.
They rule light and darkness and separates the calendar.
DAY 5God apportions the waters above and below to birds and fish.
God also makes “sea-monster.”
DAY 6God delegates earthly rulers who are divine images of God.
They rule the land and its wild creatures.
DAY 7The creation was complete: the skies, the land, and all of their hosts.
Based from the session notes of Heaven and Earth class of the Bible Project Classroom.