Hi! 👋 I’m Jessa.

I blog daily about life, work, and the future.

I wish to start the year watching Don’t Look Up to remind me of things about:

  • the importance of communicating with people at their level
  • people having different priorities in life [such as profit or saving humanity]
  • how faraway but real problems feel so distant and may not compel urgency for people to take action
  • how doing something is not enough, but doing something worth doing could be everything
  • climate change and how it means differently to different people

And speaking of climate change, what is it anyway?

And how do you even tell the kids about it?

Thanks to everyone who cares (thanks, Seth Godin and the team!), they created a “powerful tool to help us create change, right here and right now.

This short-read free resource, a carbon almanac for kids, is a great resource (not only for kids but for you, too!) that briefly explains what climate change is and how you can do something about it.

We all have a voice.

And this is my voice.