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Goal-setting and our excuses to be lazy

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Starting the year at work while working from home feels different than when you physically return to the office, seeing your colleagues fresh from the holiday thrills.

Asking them how their holidays went clearly distinguishes the holiday break from the back-to-work season.

And so, implementing the new year’s goals feels promising while the calendar is still relatively empty and full of possibilities.

We can do anything!

But because the calendar feels quite empty, and so many blank spaces can be spent doing something other than the work that matters, you might feel lazy. Because there’s still some time.

And being lazy often translates to mindless scrolling, filling your headspace with information that doesn’t necessarily build you up. So instead of having an intentional rest where you allow your mind to think about thinking, you become lazy to even listen to yourself. And reach out for your favorite series, binge-watching instead.

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