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Paying attention to reviews

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A review you have read online, or heard from a friend, probably influenced your recent purchase or why you did not buy it.

And a review about an amusement ride might change how you perceive it, especially when you are already next in line.

From my recent travel to this mountain resort, I was enthusiastic enough to try the skybike with my cousins. It was all fun until it was almost our turn. Because after hearing comments from those who have come before us, we wondered if we could do it too.

The looks of those who came before us, filled with fear and struggle, made us wonder if we’d end up the same way they did.

And when it was finally my turn, with no thoughts of backing out, I realized how we see a situation could be a lot different than how others go through it. Reviews are only helpful up to some point until it doesn’t. And how others think about something doesn’t have to be yours too.

Fear really immobilizes us and keeps us from thinking clearly.

While those who came before us found the skybike daunting and difficult, I found it enjoyable.

Meanwhile, while trusting the engineering of it, I thought about dynamics while my muscle memory did its part, which helped me glide through the wires.

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