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While the rest of the country celebrates Christmas, others are wading through the floods on Christmas day.

It’s all over the news.

We can’t help but feel detached from what’s happening outside our personal spaces, especially when their reality seems distant from ours.

But it won’t be for long.

From this article, the Philippines is among the countries most prone to coastal flooding by 2030.

And from the same article:

Climate change will affect 85,373 Filipinos living along the coast, according to Aqueduct Floods estimates. Social economic factors will bring coastal floods to 136,862 Filipinos.

Subsidence – sinking in coastal cities, largely caused by the overexploitation of groundwater –will cause floods affecting 59,253 Filipinos by 2030.

Here’s a story of an island in the Philippines, Ubay Island, where locals learned to adapt and build their lives around a rising tide.

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