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Working long hours

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Working long hours is easier when you have a goal in mind.

Say you want to save up for a house project.

When you work at an hourly rate and are allowed to work all you want, whenever and wherever, you put in more hours without complaint.

Can you even do that?

Yes! When you work as a freelancer like me.

Aside from my day job as an academic researcher, which is mentally taxing as it could get, I also maximize some of my hours at night (when my energy permits), earning from editing and proofreading online content. And my daily blogging helped me build my portfolio too! So yes, I make money by blogging, although not the way you imagine.

So these days, I work long hours without a grudge because I have a goal in mind.

While I work as an energy researcher to keep the lights on, I also put in some hours into freelancing to sustain the dreams I wish to carry.

Instead of spending all my time on endless entertainment, I make money.

And you can too.

It’s just a matter of priority.

Where do you put your long hours into?

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