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Commitment to work

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We didn’t know that the bed and breakfast we happened to stumble upon on the road was about to close. Because when we asked if they were still open, they returned with a solid yes.

Later, after having some light conversations with the owner, I learned that the chef decided to stay longer (beyond her work hours) just to serve us. Now that’s empathy!

It was late in the evening, and we were still far off from the city, hungry and dismayed from earlier’s disappointment. But all that was soothed by this bed and breakfast’s heart to serve people.

Their hospitality was a total reversal of what we went through because they did not see us as paying customers. Instead, they saw us as people needing care, and that’s what they did!

I salute the chef’s commitment to work and the owner’s generosity in giving us complimentary dinner rolls to appease our weary hearts.

I learned that when you go beyond what’s written in the job description, people notice. And when you are in the service sector, how you position yourself at work affects the lives of the very people you seek to serve.

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