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Trying new routes

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Does it ever scare you to try something new?

Not that I travel a lot, but on occasions that I do, I try to read the road signs just in case I have to travel through that route again. And most of the time, I really have to travel mainly on the same streets, doing almost the same errands like grocery shopping and going to the office.

But in instances when you have to be creative, like cutting the distance to make up for lost time (yes, being late could be your fault in most parts), trying new routes seems the best option, especially when you assume that the new route you are considering is the shortest route given your circumstance.

One time, while running late to a dentist appointment, I had this spur-of-the-moment idea of trying a new route I’d never been to.

Okay, it wasn’t really a decision I came up with at the time. It was actually a careful thought I’ve been having for some time, like a what-if scenario.

And that day, I felt that the scenario I’d been playing in my mind for some time was already ripe for execution.

So, after deliberation and internal arguments about whether it was the right thing to do, I followed my plan just as I initially imagined it, only to realize that I didn’t know what was next after STEP A.

But in my mind, I can imagine a map, a vague map, that convinced me it was a smart move. However, the knowledge gap was making me apprehensive. Fortunately, my dentist’s assistant helped me figure out STEPS B and C, to my relief. And as my gut feel told me, which I couldn’t confirm at the beginning, the new route I was about to try that day was the shortest.

Now that I know STEPS B and C, I am set to try another route, one that is shorter than before.

And I was able to try a new route (with the potential of making it better) because I decided “to notice” what was there.

Now you’re thinking why I did not use a satellite map instead.

Well, as much as I would have wanted to make my life easier, I don’t have a smartphone, and here’s one of the stories I’ve been so public about.

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