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Buying time

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If you think you can trade in real money later so you can get more minutes of sleep now, not because you lack sleep but because you are too lazy to wake up just yet, you may have a lot of extra money to spend.

But isn’t it a path to poverty?

What do you mean, you say.

Perhaps, what I really mean is that sometimes, laziness gets the best of you. Your future self bribes your present self with money (you can pay for a taxi later to catch up with lost time), which you could have spent to get something else worth the hard work you spent acquiring that same money.

And what if there’s no extra money to buy you time anymore?

Would it change how you position yourself with time you’ll never get back just because you want to sleep in for a few more minutes?

There are moments when your money can buy you time.

But in moments when it can’t, do now the things you hope you won’t regret down the road.