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How an operating system shaped my life

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Can you still remember when you used a computer for the very first time?

Actually, I cannot remember exactly when, but a vivid memory comes to mind: in third grade at school, I was sitting with my classmate who was hooked on doing paint on a Windows XP computer.

And ever since, I only used a Windows computer. That’s almost two decades of my life, and I even feel nostalgic just about writing this.

Windows OS has shaped my life and the way I work with computers. My familiarity with it enabled me to do wonders and create memories, like editing videos (for the first time) using Windows Movie Maker, getting frustrated with a blue screen, and recovering corrupted flash drives.

However, that has changed today. (Actually since a week ago.)

After a solid two decades of my lifetime, I am now officially using macOS.

How was the experience?

I never thought opening a MacBook would be always a classy experience. I don’t know how Apple did it, but every time I open the lid, there’s always this wow factor that doesn’t seem to go away yet.

And it isn’t just about the compact form factor of the MacBook. The macOS is also compact I never thought productivity could be this streamlined.

I had awesome memories with the Windows laptops I was privileged to use and own. And it was so familiar using them that we just simply clicked together. But with the macOS, it’s like falling in love at first use.

And perhaps, I won’t be coming back to Windows any time soon.