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First and foremost, it did not happen overnight, you see.

If you want to build your online presence, then you have to put in the work. As Seth Godin puts it, drip by drip. It means you must treat your blog like work, follow a schedule, and show up according to that schedule you set.

Here are the things I have learned after blogging daily for two years now:

1. Narrowing your scope (in my case, I write about life, work, and the future) helps you rein your ideas and allows you to focus on your writing. So how did I come up with the categories I just mentioned? Well, first, I never had them when I started this blog. But then, day after day, I began to notice the topics I usually write about (primarily my interests), so I decided to divide them into categories. You might consider doing the same with your work too. Just ensure it isn’t too narrow that you’ll eventually feel limited by it. Instead, make it flexible enough for you to explore subtopics that still fall under your main categories.

2. Reading a lot helps you grow ideas and inspire you to write. In case you haven’t noticed, the direct quotes I usually include in my blog posts are from the books, articles, or other writings I have read. These quotes either inspired me to write something about an idea or support the idea that’s already brewing in my mind. Like my grade school teacher told me, to become a better writer, one has to read, read, read, write, write, write, and repeat.

3. Being present at the moment allows you to observe nuances worth writing about. Of course, you can call it a muse, but being keen on what’s happening around you tells you so much more about the part of the world you live in. In return, something to write about!

4. Writing like you’re working because shipping the work is the point. All I knew then was that I wanted to write better. And to get better, I have to write that first draft and let it see the light of day, get feedback, then repeat! I later learned from Seth Godin that it’s actually a practice where you “Show up. Do your best. Learn from it. And then we get to do it again.”

If you’re still wondering why I blog daily, here’s my response, which is a quote from The Practice: Shipping Creative Work (by Seth Godin):

We don’t ship the work because we’re creative.
We’re creative because we ship the work.