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We can’t pack everything

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I thought I didn’t have much stuff until one day, traveling back to the metro forced me to pack most of them.

So how should one pack?

First, you have to check what you already have. Then, it would help if you sorted through the basics, the essentials, and the fluff. Well, you must leave the pile behind because you can’t pack your whole house, don’t you?

And it’s incredible how you can fit a year worth of clothing in two suitcases and a backpack. (I am not someone who changes clothes every season, so yeah, I keep wearing the same clothes most of the time until they’re too worn out to wear.)

As much as I want to fit everything in and bring them with me back to a new place with a fresh start, it’s just impractical. Because now, you can buy anything wherever you may be. Need new trousers that look like your favorite? Then you can buy it off-the-shelf and perhaps at a discount.

What about the memories associated with the stuff you own?

Well, it takes courage to part ways with them too. And it helps to learn from this book how to cut yourself loose from these kinds of strings that keep you from moving forward.

As much as we want to bring our same selves to the new self we’ll be creating; we can’t just pack everything with us.

Even the snakes know how to shed off their old selves to become the ones they’re supposed to be.

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