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Are they real people?

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What does a real person look like?

Well, you imagine them having a head and a face. That they have eyes, ears, nose, and lips. Some of them smile with teeth while others don’t.

But what if you see someone with such features, then you’ll be told that they’re not real?

Here’s an example of an imagined person (yes, the person you see doesn’t exist!) by a generative adversarial network. Thanks to my friend Rob who shared this resource!

Tip: Press the refresh button to get a new imagined person. I really enjoyed seeing faces (some warped) that looked real.

If no one told you that it’s a computer-generated image, especially when it’s a good one, perhaps you’ll never know it isn’t real.

And do you think that the person you recently responded to on LinkedIn is a real person just because their photo suggested so? Well, that smiling LinkedIn profile face might be a computer-generated fake.

Like I said in my previous post,

We consume media and allow it to tell us what truth means. But seeing the truth through its lens isn’t as truthful as we hoped.