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While I was attending an online training on neural networks, we were first asked about identifying the difference between artificial and human intelligence and which is superior to the other.

The thing that came to mind was something I read from Life After Google:

AI is believed to be refining what it means to be human, much as Darwin’s On the Origin of Species did in its time. While Darwin made man just another animal, a precariously risen ape, Google-Marxism sees men as inferior intellectually to the company’s own algorithmic machines.

But is it true?

While we were compelled to let our minds drift and wonder if human intelligence is indeed inferior to artificial intelligence, our trainer expressed her views about it–that human intelligence is still far better than AI because:

  1. It’s more efficient even with little data
  2. It uses lesser computing power

And that brings me to a passage I highlighted in Life After Google:

The measure of all artificial intelligence is the human mind. It is low-power, distributed globally, low-latency in proximity to its environment, inexorably bounded in time and space, and creative in the image of its creator.

More likely, artificial and human intelligence don’t compete with one another; they complement.