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Letter no. 25

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Dear reader from the future,

After an emotional hurricane that swept us for two weeks, the turmoil finally subsided, and the peace of the Lord prevailed. While the trouble makers finally made their exit out the door and our lives can now continue free from disputes, my body has called it a break.

No, my body did not totally shut off. I just woke up one day and felt like not doing anything at all.

My body yearned for rest and sleep.

So I did for a day.

And now I’m back.

I am back.

Here are the things I learned from the past (somewhat crazy) two weeks of my life:

  1. Hypocrites can cry (Of course, they are play actors!)
  2. Never trust the words of a liar. If they say they repent, don’t believe their words. Because real repentance brings genuine change from the inside out. And the fruit of their actions will testify for them or against them.
  3. You can be manipulated. And it’s incredible how age doesn’t discriminate against crafty people. Young people in this generation and age aren’t as young as we imagined them.
  4. The world wide web opened doors to so many people, and even bad actors came into play. They prey on the young, vulnerable, and susceptible, exploiting them with lawlessness and resulting in rebellion.
  5. The search engine is so powerful a young mind may not be able to handle its power. I have witnessed how pornography has corrupted the 16-year-old girl who used to live with us. Now she has given into depravity and into self-deception.

I am telling you these things because I don’t think they are ever going away. The spread of hypocrites, liars, and online sexual content accessible to young people. I can feel the rebellion of children against their parents getting rampant too. Perhaps, they’d be magnified. With the ubiquity of smartphones and the deployment of satellite internet, everything is possible.

Your letter writer from the past,

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