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We lost a cat today

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An orange two-month-old kitten, to be exact.

We can’t figure out how we lost him. And the mother keeps calling him too.

But no. We never found him at all. He’s been lost a couple of times already. He used to wandering off by himself, but we always find him in the nooks and crannies around the house.

Not this time.

And we miss him.

It’s impossible not to miss somebody you’ve been with, won’t you agree?

If we’ve never met the people we did, we’ll never know what we missed, and it’s okay. But once we get to know them and have spent time with them, losing them feels like heartbreak.

Losing our kitten felt like heartbreak too.

These were the last photos we took of our orange kitten, Mori:

orange kitten sleeping with its back on the pillow
orange and white kittens sleeping on a pillow
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