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Letter no. 22

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Dear reader from the future,

Two years into the pandemic, and during the election season in the country, people don’t speak much drama about vaccines and Covid as they used to (before the elections). The national elections have eclipsed the pandemic entirely.

You can only hear about Covid in the news like an afterthought — like forecasts about a surge in cases once the elections are done, following the mass gathering during campaign rallies.

I can remember how vaccines used to be all over the news and how people I know justify why they won’t get a vaccine. But these days, even the unbelievers decide to get them for practical reasons. The late adopters indeed shun new things, but I witnessed that they’ll eventually catch up after most of the masses have embraced the new thing.

I wonder how you do elections or if you would still have elections at all. And if the laggards are still the same in your day.

Your letter writer from the past,

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