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There’s too much anger online these days

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I feel weary being on Facebook these days. Is Facebook changing our social lives?

If you’ve spent long enough on Facebook, you might agree that emotions are highly contagious within the platform. You might even convince yourself that you are not vulnerable to groupthink but often, the thoughts you allow in your mind become your thoughts. Or if an idea doesn’t align with yours, you strengthen your argument against it.

While doing a supplementary reading in my Urgent Optimists class, this passage reflects what our online generation looks like.

From Why I’m an Optimist:

The words most frequently used to describe today’s Zoomers are not hedonistic, erotic or orgiastic. They are closer to entitled, self-absorbed, anxious, sanctimonious, conformist and complacent. We are known as the generation concerned with the appearance of virtue, rather than virtue itself. We rail against anyone who does not subscribe to a putrid ideological orthodoxy but show no sign of actually enjoying the orthodoxy we preach.