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Can you learn anything?

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As we near the end of our project, I am amazed at how the nine months went by. From someone with basically zero knowledge on how to use HOMER Pro, QGIS, and OriginPro, to having the confidence to use these tools, I can say that we can learn anything!

Access to these tools indeed is an advantage you can leverage at work.

Perhaps, the lesson I learned over the past nine months is this:

Learn to use the right tools.

Having the right tools for tasks that require them makes work more engaging! And you can even produce better results compared with having nothing at all. Okay, perhaps I’d be kicked out of the project if I never learned any of them, haha!

Reminds me of an online course I took while I was still in the first year of my graduate studies. Wondering what it is? You can go check it out here. And after finishing the course, you’d be convinced that everything is possible if you just put in the work.