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Music enthralls, music captivates

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I never really learned how to appreciate classical music before. Perhaps I was never exposed to it nor met people who dived deeper into the art.

But today, I won’t be turning back.

Listening to Filipino artists play guitar, piano, and cello opened me to a whole new world of music. They don’t play music separate from their instruments. Instead, they play them as if they are one.

If you want to know what I am talking about, here’s Adrik Cristobal, playing Sevillana by J. Turina. Here’s another piece entitled Usahay by G. Labja arranged for cello and guitar by Mikko Pablo and Adrik Cristobal.

And now I understand when people tell me to be careful with the kind of music we listen to. Because they really affect how we view the world. Music is like propaganda that has wings and pierces the heart and mind.

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