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Now that borders are easing up, we are starting to look forward going back to our flights and travel. 

There was even an evening that I felt nostalgic after browsing through the travel photos I had across Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. Ever since airfares became more affordable for the masses, all we could ever dream of was to go out there and explore.

However, I’ve seen ideas too that if you want to help the environment, travel less. Aww, that sounds sad. But I’m just getting started, and now, I have to say goodbye?

From Electric Planes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think:

“We know that transportation is the single largest contributor to carbon emissions and to global warming right now. And flying is a big part of that,” says Jeff Engler, CEO of Wright Electric.

But the good thing is, sustainable transport innovations are on the rise!

From Electric Planes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think:

Aviation’s reach toward clean energy is coinciding with other areas of transportation, too. “The inevitable shift that’s already happened in the automotive world, that’s happening in the maritime world, we see the same trends in aerospace,” explains Engler, of Wright.

It may sound so hopeful, but if we really want to make an impact in reducing our carbon footprint, we can begin by consuming less. And that means less air travel too.

From Electric Planes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think:

Herwig Schuster, of Greenpeace, says that environmentally conscious travelers should think twice before flying and suggests more immediate policy measures are needed “to tackle the out-of-control emissions from the aviation sector,” like flight reductions, short-haul flight bans, and investment in alternative greener modes of transport, such as rail. Without more urgent action, he cautions, “Greener fuels or electric planes will only provide emissions cuts that are far too little or far too late for today’s demand.”

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