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Urgent Optimists: an invitation

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Hello, everyone!

If you’ve been here for some time, perhaps you’ve read in one of my blog posts how I am part of a community, Urgent Optimists.

If you have missed it, here’s what the Urgent Optimists community does:

We’re bringing together people who want to feel authentically hopeful about the future, and who are working to create positive transformation in society and in their own lives.

Do you want to be a part of creating the future? Then, join us in our growing community, Urgent Optimists, with members coming across 56 countries (probably more).

It takes less than a minute to join, and together we’re sharing our stories, experiences, and ideas.

Be part of the Urgent Optimists global community

Is the Urgent Optimists community for you?

From the Urgent Optimists website:

Urgent Optimists is for everyone interested in developing their future imagination skills, discovering new scenarios, and using their own voices and actions to make a better world. Foresight practitioners are welcome, but it’s not just for the professional foresight community. All are welcome to join.
Together, we can:

  • Face the biggest risks and most urgent challenges of the future with more hope and creativity
  • Develop the next-level imagination skills to confidently say that no future is “unthinkable” or “unimaginable” to us
  • Use those imagination skills to create transformative positive change in our own lives, our communities, and the world.

Want to check it out? Just go to this link to join. I’d like to see you there, and together, let’s build a hopeful and better future for all.

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