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Fast foods, convenience foods, and sugar

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As I was thinking about how time-consuming it is to prepare good meals, the satisfaction you get from creating something that people enjoy is gratifying.

But why do we eat fast food, especially when we work in the city?

Because the systems force us to.

Unless you really made time to prepare your lunch at home (perhaps, the night before), that’s awesome!

However, if you’re like other people who never bother preparing anything at all because your favorite fast-food chain is outside the office anyway, here’s something to think about from The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here:

Convenience foods are loaded with sugar. Packaged cakes, cookies, and candies are more or less based on sugar, but sugar is also added to the cheese and sauces that season ready-to-eat meals, as well as to the sausage, bacon, and ham that go into them.

And you still wonder where did all the weight gain come from?