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Climate change in daily conversations

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The recent typhoon that hit the southern part of the Philippines amplified discussions on climate change. And as help poured in from different parts of the world, some also extended their help through solar-powered lamps and water filtration systems.

Being someone who enjoys the benefits of energy access, we understand how energy is a part of our basic needs. But with distribution constraints in the typhoon-stricken areas, the inaccessibility of energy limits so many day-to-day functions, leading all conversations back to climate change.

It’s all over the news these days.

Like how storms get more and more stronger and how they will affect places you never thought possible.

Perhaps, it’s never going away either.

And even if others sensationalize it, the effects of climate change on vulnerable countries speak a thousand voices.

It’s not even a straightforward problem to solve.

From Climate change is going to be gross:

To confront global warming is to confront death, and it will show up in surprising places and forms—some painful, some disgusting, some disorienting. We talk about preparing for climate change, but how can we prepare for endings we can’t yet imagine?