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The writer I hoped to become

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When I was young, I fancied about becoming a writer. Becoming someone with the power to change a person with words seemed attractive to me, like marrying a storyteller and a change seeker together.

And with the scarce access to the internet around high school, I sought knowledge on how to write that can touch people’s lives.

I practiced writing here and there on every piece of paper I could get my hands to. And because the English language is not my first language, I always have a small dictionary beside me.

I simply wanted to learn and get better with writing.

There have been so many unfinished stories lying down on notebooks I never bothered opening them again. So many dreams between those pages, waiting to be rediscovered, but I never returned to them.


Because everything changed since I got a hold of a computer.

That instead of writing my ideas on paper, I type them. I construct stories as my fingers dance around the keys.

Imagine me doing just that as I type these words for you to read.

I even thought of building my career as a writer. But then I learned that it’s not something as profitable as I had imagined.

So instead of pursuing a career in English Writing, I went to engineering. Because I thought that if money is the goal, then engineering might lead me to profit. And I could still write on the sideline. How bad would that be?

Well, graduating college and becoming an engineer, I learned that it isn’t as easy as I thought. Haha! Money isn’t with the degree. It’s with how you use and make something out of that degree.

I am a girl, and I am not that good in math: my engineering journey

But truth be told, I was indeed able to write on the sideline while pursuing a career I hoped could pay the bills. This blog is a testament to that!

And do you know what I do for a living now? I write. But this time, it’s for science. Check out my first-ever published academic paper here.

My friend once told me that writing still found a way back to me.

Yes, things eventually converged.