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Have you read the whole Bible in one year?

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From my previous blog post, I explained why I read the Bible in one year (again and again and again).

And if you’re wondering how to begin your own habit of reading the Bible in one year, here’s how.

So now that I finished the Hebrew Bible for the 3rd time, I realized there are still so many things I missed from my previous readings. But this time, I’m now able to appreciate how the Hebrew Bible prepares the reader to anticipate the Messiah, especially in Malachi. It’s like a big neon arrow that points you to keep reading as you turn the page over from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Reading the whole Old Testament also opened my mind about invisible powers that control generations, and some take form in fame, money, and power. And they have been at work for a long time, too, preparing for the final confrontation where Jesus will rule above all kingdoms and governments.

What can be shaken will be shaken indeed.

And as I continue reading the rest of the Bible, from Matthew to Revelation, I’m looking forward to doing it all over again next year.

I hope, this time, you embark on the same journey with me.

Here’s how to read the Bible in one year.