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When “not” to work

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It’s amazing how we can convince ourselves that it’s okay to carry over our weekly workload into our weekends. And that means “not” doing other things that we need to do outside of work.

When do you even do your laundry?

While I was in the middle of an internal discussion (Yes, I talk with myself. Who doesn’t anyway?), I was caught between doing work over the weekend or doing personal errands instead.

Perhaps, you also find yourself in the same situation most of the time. And when you did choose to do your work over the weekend, was it a good bargain?

We may have answered the same question differently. But here’s my thought about the matter.

Setting up boundaries between tasks is as vital as accomplishing any.

How so?

Because when you set yourself to thinking that you only have the weekdays to do your work, you might be more focused on working on them. And at the same time, you’d be more determined to do away with distractions.

Carrying your workload over the weekend, when made a habit, might eventually become an excuse for entertaining little distractions during the weekdays.

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