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Goodbye, office

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We live in a wonderful world now where we can work without a physical office at all.

Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism

In 2010, Seth blogged about the future of work in goodbye to the office.

And 11 years after, the pandemic accelerated how we bid farewell to the office. It’s not just those who adapted a nomadic work lifestyle, working from anywhere around the world. Remote work has now become more open to you and me.

For some of us, we can now work anywhere we want and still get the work done.

Perhaps, the perks I get to enjoy working from home are:

  1. being able to work with natural light (because yes, I can simply prop up my laptop in the patio)
  2. having fresh meals you or your family get to cook during workdays (which is impossible when you work in an office)
  3. spending time with your pets (stress reliever) while in the middle of a deadline
  4. getting a nice afternoon stroll around the lawn (and even water some plants) to refresh your eyes after spending hours in front of the computer screen
  5. take a nap when really needed (yes, circadian rhythym affects our work performance)

However, others don’t want to work in a setup like I do. They said that they prefer to be in an office because the ambiance helps them achieve work-mode.

But for those of you who are working from home like me, it’s amazing how “soft-fascination” helps us become more productive at work.

We don’t have to pretend to work anymore like we used to back in the office.

We can now have coffee breaks without being guilty about it.

And we work because we are enrolled to do deliver the work we’re set to do, and more.

We are in for the journey.

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