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School felt like a factory

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I can remember how the thought occurred to me one day, but the words on how to exactly describe it failed to present themselves to me. The idea was that when you don’t fit into the identified average, then you don’t have a future or a life after school. The definition of success reflected on grades is evaluated when you memorized the right words and followed the exact formula steps.

From The Future is Faster Than You Think:

The educational system was an eighteenth-century invention, designed to batch-process children and prepare them for a life working in factories. That’s not today’s world, which explains why this system is failing to meet our current needs–and it’s not the only institution under duress.

Perhaps, it is the batch-processing (mostly without a care for the outliers) that gave way to why I felt school seems like a factory. Here’s a good read about how the US education model creates assembly-line workers.

And with the rise of online and global learning, there seem to be many options for us to get knowledge. And perhaps, it’s the development of insights that we need to hone — where schools taught us how to learn way beyond memorizing terms from textbooks.

If you’re wondering what is school for, this is for you.

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