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Stunt your growth

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It’s been a while since potted plants are placed inside our home. For weeks, one of them didn’t show any signs of growth. While the other plants seemed to flourish and thrive, with some sprouts budding for some time, this particular plant appears to be left behind.

Of course, we put up with the laggard hoping that giving it some time will encourage it to grow.

But then, my mother decided to inspect it further this time, only to find out that it didn’t take root at all.

For those who are really into horticulture, they could’ve suspected it early on. And because we are not, we missed the signs.

The same could be said with us.

When we don’t bear fruit anymore, maybe it’s time to check whether we are rooted or not.

And we can stunt our growth by rooting not only to the right source but to the true source of life that keeps on giving.

Here’s where I root myself.

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