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What you do (or not do) creates a culture

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We probably spend about an hour a day (or even more) on the internet. Who doesn’t these days, anyway?

And the thing is, what you do (or not do) over the internet creates a culture.

The reality is, culture was always being created by individuals from the bottom-up but it was very narrowly filtered for the chance of distribution. The Internet democratizes that access to a certain extent. As long as you have access, as long as you have the means to use it, you now have a platform. What we’re seeing on the Internet is real-time culture creation.

Quoted from Alexis Ohanian in the book The Creative Curve

And just because you’ve got access to a platform where gatekeepers have the least power to filter what you say and do online doesn’t mean that you do things with reckless abandon.

Because at the end of the day, the very people you seek to reach are just humans like you.

Yes, be heard. But never abuse the platform to bring people down just because you can.

There are many ways to build people up, and the same with destroying the morale out of people. And you always have a choice as to which way you want the culture to move.

I hope you go in peace, not pieces.

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