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The person who changed a life

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Was there a person you can remember who changed the course of your life entirely?

If there is, probably because they chose to take a chance on you even if you don’t feel promising at the moment.

I have met people throughout my life who saw what I can do before I saw it myself; they are people who believed in what I can possibly become before I did.

And you know what, maybe you have forgotten about those people who helped you become who you are today. But if you will just think enough and draw out the memories from the deepest recess of your mind, you’d be surprised how every interaction with those people made you become a better you.

Just because they gave you the benefit of the doubt.

And you can do the same for those who are still starting out in life.

You can also be that person who changed a life (for the better).

And to this day I continue to take chances of people who are outside the bell curve of what’s normal. A complete stranger changed my life; I want to be that person for someone else.

Quoted from Sal Giambanco in the book Life is in the Transitions

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