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The life and death of new brain cells

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I’ve heard some people making many excuses not to learn something new, be that acquiring new skill, knowledge, or experiences.

Apparently, whatever you choose to do (or not do) affects the life and death of new brain cells.

From The Creative Curve:

According to one study, both men and women create over 14,000 new brain cells every day. Once new brain cells are created, they take eight weeks to mature. During that time, they migrate to the most active areas of your brain. If you are a cabbie, constantly navigating London, these new brain cells join forces with the part of your brain that controls your navigation skills. As a result, your brain starts to adapt to the skills you are learning. As Shaffer describes it, “You can influence the career choice of that brain cell.”

Isn’t it amazing that we can influence the growth of our brain cells just by using them?

From The Creative Curve:

Furthermore, if you don’t challenge these cells with new experiences, they risk dying off. Put another way, learning causes our brains to retain new brain cells.

So, the next time you’re tempted to respond any opportunity to learn with saying no, then you just bid to your new brain cells goodbye.

Let’s choose learning.