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Life After School is a bi-monthly podcast created by Jessa. You can find more about Jessa by reading her daily blog at jessa.blog.

To submit a question, go to jessa.blog/podcast. To see the show notes, please visit jessa.blog/show-notes.

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Here’s where you can read more about the book Life is in the Transitions. And you can check out my book notes here.

Podcast highlights:

  • If you are caught up between choices, you might be tempted to dwell on what’s comfortable and familiar rather than do what’s promising and life-changing. Because change, most of the time, is uncomfortable. To the point that you cringe because you are afraid when things will not work out like you thought they would be.
  • Just remember that your move always and will always affect others in ways you never thought possible. So, therefore, in everything you set your heart to do, be your authentic self. Be a part of the interactions you want to create and the changes you wish to contribute.
  • Because finally, you can now choose to create things just because you’re compelled to do so and not because of the grades you get for doing them.

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