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These are some of the things I pondered about while reading the Book of Nehemiah.

Here it goes:

1. When you receive supernatural favor.

Nehemiah 2:8 AMP “… And the king granted what I asked, for the good hand of my God was upon me.”

2. Some people might begin to despise you.

Nehemiah 2:10 AMP “When Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, heard this, it distressed them exceedingly that a man had come to inquire for and require the good and prosperity of the Israelites.”

3. And those who despise your success will laugh at you, scorn you, and accuse you.

Nehemiah 2:19 AMP “But when Sanballat the Horonite and Tobiah the servant, the Ammonite, and Geshem the Arab heard of it, they laughed us to scorn and despised us and said, What is this thing you are doing? Will you rebel against the king?”

4. And if they can’t stop you, they will protest in anger, rage, and ridicule.

Nehemiah 4:1 AMP “BUT WHEN Sanballat heard that we were building the wall, he was angry and in a great rage, and he ridiculed the Jews.”

5. If all else fails, they continue with plotting fights against you, with an intent to injure and cause confusion and failure in your work.

Nehemiah 4:7-8 AMP “But when Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabians, Ammonites, and Ashdodites heard that the walls of Jerusalem were going up and that the breaches were being closed, they were very angry. And they all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem, to injure and cause confusion and failure in it.”

5. How should you respond in times like this?

Nehemiah 4:9 AMP “But we prayed to our God, and because of them we set up a guard against them day and night.”

Yes, that’s right. Our response should be in prayer. We do the work and believe that we find success in it, not because of our might, but because the Lord our God is with us.

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