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The future of cyberwar

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Okay. So you might not be thinking about cyberwar yet. But it’s important to think of the unimaginable. And how can you do that? By looking for signals of change — things that are happening today and might just drive the future.

You might be wondering where I got these ideas. For one, when we were asked to attend one of the Senate hearings on cybersecurity issues, specifically in the Philippines’ power sector, which eventually led to writing this op-ed, my enthusiasm for anything related to cyber issues rose.

And yes, my fascination eventually led me to read about what exactly happened to the Ukraine power grid cyberattack from the book Sandworm by Andy Greenberg. You might want to read my thoughts on the book, which you can find here.

Going back to cyberwar.

Why should we start talking about this? Because digital attacks are becoming closer to home.

Take, for example, the latest cyberattack in one of the US’ largest pipelines and the ransomware attack on the Irish health service. The following current events tell us that we might be seeing more in the future.

As for the future of cyberwar:

“The threat of cyberwar looms over the future: a new dimension of conflict capable of leapfrogging borders and teleporting the chaos of war to civilians thousands of miles beyond its front.”

The WIRED Guide to Cyberwar by Andy Greenberg

To know more about what cyberwar is and what it’s not, you might find this resource helpful.