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The invisible deadline

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“We’re all comparing ourselves to an ideal that no longer exists and beating ourselves up for not achieving it.”

Life is in the Transitions

At some point, you’ve been in the same situation, one way or another. Worse is when you are born into a generation that suggests a linear life. That after successfully doing A, you’ll achieve B, and so on.

It may resemble like this:

expected life track in a timeline

But then, unexpected downturn of events happen. And what you end up having might look like this:

your life track with may unexpected turns

As much as I want to capture how complex life could get, I can’t. But I try as much as I can to show you that you are not in control of so many things in your life. Like they always say, life happens.

But you have the power to manage how you deal with the situation you are going through at the moment.

Because trying to live a nonexistent ideal will only lead you to frustration after frustration, like running in a rat race where no one ever wins.

And beating yourself up to achieve an invisible deadline doesn’t look like living at all.

Life isn’t about ticking off boxes. Life is about making the world you live in a lot better for the generations to come.

Life is not an I. It’s a we.

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