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The dog is not happy

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This is our dog Beauty. She is already 9 years old and you probably have seen her from this previous post.

Isn’t she lovely?

The thing is, she’s simply not happy because my sister bought a new dog. And from our experience, every old dog in the house isn’t happy when there’s a new dog.

As much as we can, we make Beauty feel that she is loved and cared for. However, her composure never failed to show how unhappy she is with the situation. How can we tell? Because she never goes to the place she usually hangs out in, just because the new dog is there now.

It seems that she is appalled by the idea of sharing the same space with the new dog.

But I think, if you’ve been used to be the focus of attention, you would surely feel indifferent when the spotlight isn’t on you anymore, won’t you?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts here!

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